Aria cooking suite

Performance and design in perfect harmony

Great results on over 80 everyday recipes in just one turn!
Great results on over 80 everyday recipes in just one turn!

Simplify your daily cooking with Turn&Cook, a clever function that automatically sets the cooking time and oven temperature for more than 80 everyday recipes.

Plus there's no need to worry about over-cooking, as the oven will automatically turn itself off when the programme is finished. 

Improved visibility

Through improved positioning of the internal oven light, you can enjoy greater visibility of your dishes without needing to open the oven door, meaning no loss of heat.

More room for your dishes

With up to 71 liters of oven space, there's plenty of room for large family meals or cooking multiple dishes at once. Plus, with a bigger dnip tray, the extra cooking capacity doen't have to result in extra cleaning. 

Two steps to a sparkling oven door

The exclusive Click&Clean system lets you easily remove the oven door in just two simple steps ready for quick, hassle-free cleaning. 

Bigger grill, better results

With 95%, surface coverage inside the oven, the FullSurfaceGrill ensures consistent, uniformed browning with no burnt or uncooked areas. 

Double microwaves quick effective cooking

Thanks to the special system that doubles the microwaves emission, the new Aria microwaves is not just a fast ally, it can be also your most precisious asset in the kitchen: every cooked result are ensured like in traditional ovens.

PlateCover, Pratical and versatile

Catching spits and splatters, the Plate Cover helps to prevent spillages, whilst also providing extra versatility, enabling two dishes to be reheated simultaneousely without mixing flavours.

Browned to perfection

For improved cooking performance, the built-in grill means you can enjoy super-fast microwave cookingg and perfectly crispy, browned tops. 

Faster, safer, more efficient cooking

For fast, safe cooking the new Aria induction Hob provides a premium cooking experience that saves you time, money and effort.

DualZone, Increased flexibility for outstanding cooking performance

Two separate cooking zones can work together to provide one flexible cooking area. Use the zones separately with individual pans or together for larger dishes.

Larger cooking zones, ideal for cooking big familly meals

With the MaxiCook zone, larger dishes receive an all-round, uniformed heat. Perfect for pans up to 28cm wide.

Fast and easy cleaning

With a smooth frameless, black glass finish cleaning is a fast and easy. Simply wipe ckean with a damp cloth.

Responsive heat for extra safety

The hob only heats when it detects pots with a stainless steel bottom for extra safety 

Powerful gas cooking for tasty results and reliable heat

Aria's range of gas hobs give you fast-acting, even heat distribution and uniform cooking always, with reduced energy consumption to save you money.

Efficient HighPower Flame

Reduce your cooking time and save energy, with the HighPower flame, wich provides more direct, efficient heat versus traditional gas hobs.

Stylish design, perfectly aligned

Enjoy a neat and consistent finish with fixtures designed to perfectly integrate with the Aria oven and microwav

A seamless and easy to clean design

Designed as a single, jointless unit to make cleaning a breeze.

The perfect combination of performance and design

Designed with busy families in mind, the new range of Aria hoods use style and efficiency to keep your kitchen smeling fresh.

Co-ordinated style

Designed to co-ordinate perfectly with tha Aria ovens and microwaves, enjoy a stylish, modern, eye-catching design

3 Power levels

Choose from 3 different power levels for the perfect extration to meet your needs, keeping your kitchen smelling fresh and clean.

Click&Clean filters

Simple to remove, the aluminum grease filters are dishwares safe, making cleaning and maintenance quick and easy 

Easy Plug & Play installation

With hoods that can be independently mounted for easy installation, just place, plug in and you're ready to go.