Buying a New Hob?
Get started with this simple buying guide!

There’s nothing quite like standing at a hob, among the heat and fragrances of your recipes.

It’s a place where you can unleash your culinary creativity, and live the thrills of cooking.

When buying a hob, make sure it meets your specific needs. Here are a few tips to help you find the right one for you.  Let’s start!

1. Match your cooking style

The key element to consider here is you—your cooking style. Some types of hobs will be better suited to you than others. There are more things to consider, of course. If you have children, for instance, your first concern might be safety.

We’ve summarised the most common types of hobs available, below.

Solid plate hobs

Solid plate hobs are an affordable, time-tested option. They are a no-nonsense and effective cooking tool that offers a good amount of control, while cooking.

Solid plate hobs generally feature four or more round electric coils, that heat up, in turn heating up the pot or pan.

Glass ceramic hobs

Eye-catching and minimalistic, glass ceramic hobs feature elegant, flat glass ceramic surfaces. Beneath them, a series coiled metal heating elements transfer the heat to the various cooking zones, which in turn heat up the pot or pan.

Their flat surface makes them extra-easy to clean, while, being electric, they often feature intuitive touch-control panels.

Induction hobs

Induction hobs feature innovative technology, using electromagnetic fields to heat up the pan, rather than the hob itself. By doing so, the surface of your hob will remain at room temperature even when cooking, making them extra safe, and a great option if you have children in the house.
Their modern touch-control systems, fast heating adjustment and appealing design are all key features of induction hobs.

Gas burners

If you enjoy fine-tuning your cooking, the classic, non-electric gas burners are a fantastic option for you. Gas burners respond instantaneously to your adjustments, allowing you to regulate heat levels with extreme precision.

They are ideal for stir-fries and pan cooking in general, and also enjoy low running costs.

2. Make it eye-catching

Hobs can add a genuine touch of style to your kitchen.

If the overall appearance of your kitchen is important to you, don’t forget to pick the right colour. Design and appearance are very important! Families spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so make it a nice place to be!

Common colours for hobs are white, black and stainless steel. These are versatile colours, and can easily complement your existing colour scheme. You also might want to add a bit of contrast—by picking a white hob, if your overall colour scheme is dark, for instance.

3. Pick your perks

Like most home appliances, Indesit hobs offer useful features to help you unleash your inner chef.  Here’s a selection of functions Indesit hobs have to offer.

HighPower Flame

Indesit HighPower Flame gas burners feature two concentric rings, to boost heating power and precisely focus the flames on your pots and pans, reducing cooking time and gas dispersion.