Family finance tip: choose energy efficient appliances

When it comes to savings, every little helps.

Family finance tip: choose energy efficient appliances

I’m not a math person. At all. But I’m a mum—and mums have to develop skills they thought they never had...including number-crunching.

Once a month, Hubby and I sit down with pen, paper and a calculator. We go through bills and expenses. Yup—it’s as fun as it sounds :( But it’s necessary!

We’ve made a list of all the things we can cut, without becoming too depressed in the process (ie: allow yourself the occasional meal out!). One of the things we soon picked up on was appliance energy efficiency.

Soon, that waste will pile up and weigh on your bills.

With that in mind, we scoured the web and talked to friends. We were looking for reliable, no-nonsense and efficient home appliances, the sort of thing that’s there to help you, rather than complicate your life.

After a lot of thought, we opted for Indesit’s eXtra range of appliances.

Why? Because Indesit offers the sturdy, simple and reliable products real families need. Their eXtra appliances are packed with features we’ll actually use, and come at the perfect price for a working family.

In terms of energy, their appliances offer great efficiency, ensuring we’ll be saving money in the long run. And considering the very reasonable price tag to begin with, it really is one of those rare win-win situations!

Now, having saved money on our household appliances, and knowing that we’ll be saving a little every month thanks to their fantastic energy efficiency ratings, I think we deserve a special treat.