Life protip: be smart

Family life is complex. Find smart solutions to help you
get through the day with a smile.

Life protip: be smart

Two children, a full-time job – that’s one tricky combo.

We try to juggle things, between hubby and myself, but it isn’t easy. Zillions of things to do, never enough time. Soon after the arrival of Little Devil Angel No.2, I realised that I was faced with two options: a) run away to a distant tropical island, and b) find a smarter way to manage our time and tasks.

As appealing as option ’a’ was, I opted the second one. That’s what mums do, right? They save the day : )

I made changes. Just little things, but they made a huge difference.

Take nappy changes: before, I’d have to carry baby to the bathroom, which meant leaving our eldest alone for a while, if hubby was out. This often lead to all kinds of trouble (unexpected wall-paintings appearing in the living room, for example...).

So I set up small, simple changing areas around the house. Nothing fancy, just wet wipes, a handful of clean nappies and a changing mat. So they’re always within reach, every time we have a nappy emergency. It’s so much easier! (And wall-paintings have decreased by a whopping 80%!)

I’m into that sort of thing. You know—simple, actionable solutions. And this approach guides my choice in appliances, too.

For instance, we needed a new fridge freezer. Something sturdy, reliable, with features and functions I’d actually use.

After a lot of searching, we went for a Indesit eXtra fridge freezer. We’re really happy with it!

You know how stuff piles up in the fridge? Sometimes, it’s hard to find what you’re looking for among all the clutter. But this fridge has a nifty little solution: sliding shelves! I can roll them out, just like I’d do with a dresser drawer, and grab what I need.

Wasting food drives me mad! But the FlexiUse Box of my Indesit helps prevent this: this clever little box can be positioned in different temperature areas, within the fridge. So, the 0° area is ideal for meat and delicate food, while the 5° one is better for veggies and fruit. They last longer and taste better!

Another thing I love: you can customise the freezer layout. I’m trying to get into cooking things in advance and freezing them, to eat them later in the week. So, say I want to freeze something big, like a whole turkey, all I have to do is slide a panel out to have all the space I need.

The list on features goes on and on. The best part? I actually use them. They’re genuinely there to make my life easier.

Yup, Indesit is smart. Almost as smart as a mum : )

You can find out more about our eXtra line of fridge freezers here.